Language: English
Price: Free
Developer: Google Inc.
Our Score: 98%
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App description:

Google Home app allows user to setup, manage and control their Google Home devices. In addition to Google Home products, you can also manage your Chromecast and Chromecast Audio with this app.

Main features and benefits of Google Home:

  • For Google Home users – Control Google home settings, like weather adjustment, music or location.
  • For Google Home users -Sync other devices with Google Home like thermostats, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and more.
  • For Chromecast users – Search content by movie, TV show.
  • For Chromecast users – see whats music/video is trending
  • For Chromecast users – Control the volume of your Chromecast devices.
  • For Chromecast users – Choose a beautiful¬†wallpaper for your TV screen
  • For Chromecast Audio users – Control the volume of your Chromecast Audio devices.
  • For Chromecast Audio users –¬†Sync your Google Home and your Speakers to enjoy music in each of your rooms.

Product Screenshots: